Data Visualisation

Data Visualisation for Cannes Lions

Razorfish and Contagious seminar - Cracking the Code of Creativity

Project Overview

Working at Signal Noise, we were briefed from Razorfish to visualise the data they collected from all the past winners of Cannes Lions for a seminar called ‘Cracking the Code of Creativity’. The subject of the talk was ‘Is there a way we can use data science to devise a formula for creativity?’

In the most comprehensive analysis ever of Cannes Lions winner data, Dan Bonner CCO of Razorfish and Will Sansom director of Contagious, explored whether there were any clear patterns that could inform companies creativity strategies.

With a really tight deadline we visualised the data and created a series of animations which ran in unison with the speech.

Lions Daily News Article about the talk

Seminar Intro 

Section: Scope of Analysis 

Section: Diversity Delivers 

Early Node Development 

Art Direction 

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