Nissan CES 2017


Advanced Driver Assistance & Autonomous Vehicle Animations

Project Overview (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)

Working with the very talented team at Signal Noise, we designed and animated a series of infographic animations that clearly demonstrate Nissan as a pioneer in the development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The main objectives were to stimulate social media conversation and drive interest in Nissan’s CES participation, NIM announcements and 2017 product range. Our approach focuses on how each ADAS technology is able to enhance a driver’s senses – effectively granting superhuman abilities. Each clip focused on a separate technology, using data visualisation to describe how much the car improves upon human senses. Additional comparisons are made to athletes, animals or other common metaphors recognised for having exceptional abilities in that area.
The 6 technologies show in the animations are: Around View Monitor (park assist) – Back up collision warning Distance control assist  Blind spot intervention Lane intervention.

Project Overview (Seamless Autonomous Mobility)

After the ADAS animations were complete Nissan asked us to apply the same art direction and animation style to their new system called Seamless Autonomous Mobility. SAM is a workaround solution for what to do when the first generation of true autonomous cars encounter situations they may not be able to handle. Its autonomous cars would be linked to a command centre. If the car encounters a problem — say, a roadblock where police are using hand signals to reroute cars over double yellow lines — the car pulls over and signals to the command centre that it needs help. As these calls continue to come in, the SAM system learns how the managers react to certain situations, and eventually, a SAM car would be able to broadcast those solutions to other cars, eventually creating an autonomous path through or around a given situation. We looked at comparisons from similar technology used by Nasa to control automated vehicles in space.

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