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True CRM Success is born from more than implementation.
Everyday, new tools and features are released into the marketplace.
Companies who focus only on implementing these tools never realise the full value of their investment.
Users fail to adopt, operations never fully integrate, and companies are left with applications that failed to live up to their hype….

The failure rate for CRM implementations stands at a startling 63% 
It’s not the technology but the approach. Does your company fall into this bracket?


Working with the head of strategy at Appirio we knew that previous white papers were not conveying the right messaging and we were losing the audience… so we decided to go for a more engaging route and create an explainer animation full of simple visual metaphors to go through the 4 pillars of CRM success..
I also created a follow up selection of LinkedIn short videos
targeting the problem. The outcome was to create lead generation for sales (awaiting results)

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